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Our selection only offers the most authentic expression of Mediterranean families' lifestyle with its simple, natural and distinctive products.



It all began in the late 1940’s in Casamassella, a small Puglian town tucked away in the heel of the Italian peninsula. Safely back from the war, our grandfather, Erminio Stefano, purchased a plot of rich, fertile land. With patient tending, the farm began to yield wine grapes and vegetables of unparalleled flavor. His handmade pastries carried his reputation as a master artisan far beyond his home, forming the backbone of the family business for years to come.

Erminio passed his knowledge to our father Antonio, who in 1970 incorporated their company as Vigne Vecchie—“The Old Vineyard”— the name by which the property was known to locals. Many years later, my brother and I decided we were ready to expand. Our goal: to launch Vigne Vecchie as an internationally recognized brand, one synonymous with quality and elegance—all while maintaining the attention to detail and small-batch production methods that made Erminio’s food so special.

In 2018, we established our American product portfolio, enabling us to serve our customers through Amazon, VVjustitalian.com, and wholesale specialty food distributors. Even as we grow, however, our uncompromising field-to-table business model ensures our recipes are prepared with only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients, and according to time-honored culinary practices. Vigne Vecchie is proud to bring you the most authentic Italian food you’ll ever taste—short of a visit to Casamassella, of course.

From our hands to yours,
Ermino (II) & Andrea

Vigne Vecchie foods

are available through wholesale channels, online retail, gourmet markets, high-end restaurants, and flagship VV stores. From the tilling of the soil to the moment our customers receive an order, our company is dedicated to three guiding principles:

  • Elegance

    Like the region of Puglia itself, our products are distinct, authentic, and characterized by understated sophistication.

  • Simplicity

    Whether it’s about our production processes or communications with customers, we’re straightforward and transparent.

  • Quality

    Distinctive craftsmanship and the highest possible standards in all our selections.


Food as a Lifestyle

Our Aspiration

Being the premier source of Italian cuisine for enthusiasts and connoisseurs, while establishing a strong relationship with customers through personalized service.

VV is a wish for a happy life

In Italian, “vivi” means live. We thought it fitting that when Vigne Vecchie evolved into VV Just Italian, the company’s initials reflected our ultimate goal—to bring a piece of Italian life to the global community.

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