Bring Italy home

All Italian food is not created equally.


I got the Italia Essentials gift basket for my client, and she absolutely loved it! Thank you! - Sara M.

My friend raved about VV. I bought the sedanini pasta and tomato basil sauce for a dinner party. Everybody loved it! - Jack S.

I learned how to cook some of the best Italian food I've ever had thanks to VV. -Sandra T.

Finally a place to get everything Italian! I miss sitting by the cafe and the simplicity of drinking coffee with a biscotti. -Samantha L.

The VV Just Italian Story

We sell only the finest Italian food brands, so you can go to Italy straight from your home. We're bringing Italian food back to its roots by focusing on what matters most: flavor and better for you, real food ingredients. Quality over quantity. Clean over processed. 

From our hands to yours, we bring you authentic Italian food. 

Some of the Brands We Carry

From our Cupboard

Our brand, Vigne Vecchie (“the old vineyard” in Italian), is the name of our family owned company. Artisanal agriculture has been our business for generations.

Our venue is a historic building, surrounded by a beautifully manicured garden. It all started and still takes life from that building and land that the Stefano family has managed for almost five decades...

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Established In 1970

VV Just Italian was born from a dream to transport everyone to Italy through food.

This dream gathers the aspirations and emotions of our Italian grandparents, artists, artisans, and poets to help you truly experience their world through the authentic flavors of Italy.

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